I am a resident of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. My husband and I have been trying for a child since marriage but every attempt was unsuccessful. We were very upset and dejected and didn’t know where to turn for a solution. In November 2007, I met Pastor Paramjit on his visit here and told him about my problem. He prayed for me and the Lord spoke to Him that I would most certainly have a child.
Praise the Lord for exactly one year later in 2008 I conceived, and in 2009 I became the proud mother of a healthy baby girl. I named her ‘Prarthna’ which means ‘Prayer’ because her birth is a miracle that has been possible only through prayer. The Lord is faithful, all Glory to Him. Praise God.

Komal Kapoor

Komal Kapoor,

I was suffering from kidney stones for the past two years. I had taken treatment for this several times. I had a lot of restrictions on my diet as well. Despite the medicine, the stones kept increasing. In two years it had multiplied from one stone to six. I use to suffer from excruciating pain.
A family friend introduced us to Paramjit Singh Ministries in 2009. When I started attending the meetings my faith in Jesus grew and became stronger. My pain stopped completely after prayer from Pastor Paramjit Singh. God’s work in me had begun. I knew I would be healed of my problem. I stopped taking my medicine in the faith that God would heal me totally.
Six months later I went for sonography and the reports confirmed that my stones had completely disappeared and the reports were normal
The Lord has never failed me He has always answered every prayer of mine. The Word of God spoken through my Pastors has revolutionized my thinking and way of life. He has blessed me and been my support all the way through.

Jagdish Panchal

Jagdish Panchal,

In 2002 I was diagnosed with Sinus Cancer. I was operated twice and took laser treatment but I was still suffering from Cancer. God’s mercy was great upon me.
In April 2003 Pastor Paramjit happened to be visiting my neighbour, who knew my condition and requested him to visit me. The doctors had given up on my recovery by now. I was bedridden and in tremendous pain. I was extremely weak.
Pastor Paramjit prayed upon me and I received Jesus in my life. Since then there was a miraculous healing in my condition. When I went for a checkup, my reports were completely normal. The Doctors were amazed and they too admitted it was a miracle of God! Praise Jesus.
From then till date I have undergone no health problem. It is true in the word of God that – By His stripes we are healed,” and I am deeply thankful that the healed me, and sacrificed Himself for my healing. My prayer is that the Lord will heal each and every Cancer patient in the world for He is a miracle-working God! Jesus has given me a new life. Praise the Lord!

Elsa Sobti

Elsa Sobti,

I want to thank and Praise the living God, Jesus Christ. As I write this testimony about what the Lord Jesus has done for me. I started coming to Paramjit Singh Ministries in July 2008, after being blessed by the Ministries weekly broadcast that would come on television at the time. God has given me a great healing miracle, since I received Him as my Savior. As I believe all things are possible those who believe. I am a witness of God’s Greatness.
In March 2009, I was suffering a severe pain in my back that extended to my left leg. As my back and my leg was so very painful that couldn’t even walk. I would have sleepless nights because of the extreme pain.
When I did an X-ray, it was discovered that there was a gap in my vertebral column. I was very upset to know this and immediately went and took a prayer from Pastor Moni Singh. She prayed over me and also encouraged me to keep my faith strong in the Lord. Her prayers and words really lifted my spirit, and as I read the Word of God, I stayed firm on His promise in Isaiah 53 which says that by His Stripes we are healed.
Praise God for His mercy, because 2 weeks later I woke up one morning with absolutely no pain at all! I could walk freely, do my household chores with not the slightest difficulty and remain like that till today.
God is at work through Paramjit Singh Ministries. Praise the Living God again!!