God’s Servant Pastor Paramjit Singh came to Punjab again to deliver the message of Jesus. This was the fourth run in Punjab and the people were ecstatic to receive him as he drove through the grounds in an open jeep being cascaded in flowers and warmth.

Pastor Paramjit then took the stage and proceeded to speak about the power of thanksgiving after which pastor led the crowd in singing praise to the Lord.

In his private worship, Pastor heard from the Lord of the blessings in store for the women especially widows and it surely came to pass. A number of women confessed to and were delivered of all suicidal thoughts and attempts.

The name ‘Vijay’ came to pastor on stage and he proclaimed the healing of a man with the same name. Sure enough, a while later a slight man with a limp made his way on stage to tell the faithful masses that his name was Vijay and he had been wheelchair bound, but now could walk. This man was also present in the 2010 Punjab run. It was there that he had started to receive his healing even though the doctors had given up on him.

Two little boys then made their way onstage. The first of these, a boy named Sunil, aged ten journeyed from a nearby village all on his own to witness the presence of God. He and his walking stick were separated for the first time as the Lord put strength in his limp left leg and Sunil walked home that night.

The Lord brought us to Punjab to seek the lost. Pastor Paramjit got a Word of Knowledge that around 15 – 20 people in the ground have come without faith, to analyze and mock. The Lord is putting a seed of faith in them. Before the healing team could approach them God had already healed many who came forward to confess their change of heart.

A woman was set free of severe headache, following which, a number of young men and women came forward to testify of the same. Migraines and joint ailments were healed in hundreds. A number of folks were set free of severe arthritic pains, the most prominent of these, an old lady, who for the first time in 18 years was able to open and close her fingers.

Pastor received a Word of Knowledge for a boy named Ravi. When this Ravi came forward we saw that he suffered from a mass accumulation of Uric acid in his body which caused him great pain. However, by God’s unending mercy. The pain has completely left him and he has reclaimed full use of his limbs.

Another awesome miracle we witnessed was a young girl, blind since birth was, restored fully of her sight. There was an aforementioned Word of Knowledge about sight being restored to the blind and shortly thereafter this little girl bounced on stage to testify of the Lord’s doing. Her parents were dumbstruck with awe and gratitude, and was brought to tears by the healing of their blind daughter. The girl sees clearly now and has become a living testimony for Jesus.

At the close of the evening, Pastor Paramjit called to the other Pastors present in the audience to come forward and then prayed for the anointing on him to be imparted on them. It was a beautiful sight to see God’s men, of so many different denominations and sects stand united. Pastor also prayed for and anointed the oil and cloth brought by the people to take back to their homes and friends.

The page falls short to fully justify and note all the miracles the Lord performed. Mental illnesses, spine problems, joint troubles, arthritis and even tumours were made null and void by the awesome and glorious power of God.

Dera Baba Nanak being a little village town, we could see truck loads of people arriving in great anticipation and excitement to receive from the Lord. Many others came on foot too.

Jesus has once again so vividly demonstrated his great willingness to save the lost, heal the sick and set the captives free.

After ten days of travel prayer and more travel, Pastor Paramjit and the team were looking forward to a well deserved evening of peace and quiet. But that was not what the Lord had in mind as news came through that a crowd of over ten thousand was eagerly awaiting Pastor’s blessings, an hour’s journey from the hotel.

God’s work cannot and should not be made to wait so even after a full day of traversing across the Punjab landscape; Pastor donned his Bandhgalla suit and led the team into the Sangowal school grounds.

While travelling India for God’s work, we have come across all types of people, problems and degrees of faith. But it is safe to say that the people of Sangowal were deep immersed in their devotion to God and their belief was unshaken even after waiting three hours under blazing magnesium lights. The first testimony that day was given by Simarpreet, a young boy who couldn’t speak from birth and whose tongue was loosened and made whole by the Holy Spirit.

18 year old Preeti also made her way onstage supported by crutches. At first it was hard to comprehend what her healing was, but as the soft-spoken teenager took the mike to tell us that her polio struck left leg, which was devoid of any skeletal structure till then, was growing a bone. We were awestruck, dumbfounded, and rendered speechless by the Lord’s creative skills.

Pajnaw, who was blind in the right eye for twenty years, was given back her sight. The eye, which looked like glass was somehow able to discern and project the image to her head inspite of its glassy consistency.

These are just a few of the miracles that the Great Creator performed that day. Along with innumerable body and back aches that were healed, Pastor also received a Word of Knowledge for a continuous flow of blood being healed. Soon after, a woman named Sunita came forward to testify about the same.

From here the team continued to Phillaur for a two day event.

In Phillaur, Pastor spoke about ‘Authority’ and ‘Moving in Love’ and also about ‘The Blood of Jesus’, after which Pastor received a Word of Knowledge for spine problems being healed. As we have come to expect, a number of people came forward to testify and confirm this, amongst whom was one whose excessive spinal gap had been cured. A lady, whose tongue was incapable of tasting was also healed and she was able to swallow her food.

Another creative miracle God blessed us with that day was a child whose uneven legs had a two inch difference between them and had been equaled by God to an exact measure. The child’s mother was overjoyed and the people were amazed by the Lord’s awesome power.

As Pastor was leaving the ground, a woman came forward and burst onto stage with a testimony she just couldn’t keep to herself. She took the mike and told the people that her mother was on the verge of death a few months ago. There was practically no blood in her body and the doctors had given up hope. She, however, kept the faith and contacted the Pastors, who prayed for her mother over a phone call. Now, by God’s Grace, her mother is healed. She requires no operation and her body’s production of blood is steadily improving.

There were many more testimonies from last year’s crusades as well. We pray that the Lord will provide us with enough canvass and workforce to list all of them. Keep praying and keep the faith.

Jammu, the northern most state in India was the endpoint for Pastor Paramjit and the team before they head back to base, in Mumbai. It has been a long and joyous run through Punjab, where the Lord blessed us with his Mighty Healing Power. Thousands were healed and set free in the land of five rivers and God did much the same here in Jammu.

Fifteen years of continuous bleeding was stopped and healed. The woman, now set free can resume life in the mainstream. This is a story right out of the Bible as we all have read and this woman’s testimony did much to increase the people’s faith.

Calvin, who was unable to walk for 8 years, felt the presence of God in his legs, let go of his walker and walked on stage on his own to give Glory to God. A five month old baby who rejected breast milk, was for the first time able to suckle. A girl- Shalu, who was deaf since birth had her eardrums restored and could hear. There were also a number of tumours that disappeared and shrank. All Glory to God.

A Word of Knowledge from the Lord was received whilst Pastor Paramjit was on stage. He spoke into the mike that all blind eyes in the crowds would be healed. As we have seen before and saw again that the Lord undoubtedly fulfills what he says. This was done through Jerewah Arshad, who’s eyes had been rendered useless for the past 8 years. He had been through four operations, but to no avail. However, God restored his eyes that night and Arshad for the first time could see and process images. Mighty Jesus!

After Arshad’s healing a ten year old boy walked onstage. He looked fairly normal and the stage staff was left wondering what he was doing there. However, as his mother followed shortly after, in an ecstatic state, she told us that this kid had been lame since birth and was walking for the first time.

A tall dark man, who had cancer in his neck, had been present on all three meetings. His tall frame and hairless head stood out among the crowd. It was on the last day that this man made his way on stage to tell the people that the cancerous tumours on his neck had shrunk considerably. We were overjoyed. On flipping through photographs of the previous days, a considerable shrinkage was evident on his neck. We pray for God’s mercy on this man and have faith that the tumours will continue shrinking into nothing.

All this and more took place on the final day. Spine pains and headaches were gone. A girl, who was blind in the left eye was healed. A lady whose legs were numb and incapable of discerning touch had the feeling restored to her legs. An 18 year old kidney stone had dissolved and disappeared. Before leaving the stage Pastor received another Word of Knowledge that didn’t foretell a healing but summed up Jammu and its people quite aptly,-

“ On the first day Jammu was stone. On the second day water came from the stone and on the third day Jammu was water”. The page falls short to fully justify and note all the miracles the Lord performed. Mental illnesses, spine problems, joint troubles, arthritis and even tumours were made null and void by the awesome and glorious power of God.

Jesus has once again so vividly demonstrated his great willingness to save the lost, heal the sick and set the captives free.

We, the whole team at Paramjit Singh Ministries- Power of Love Association thank God for the mercy he has shown us and for enabling us to withstand a very tight and hectic schedule, for the thousands of people who were healed and cured of all that troubled them and for the great honour that goes with doing God’s work.