Paramjit Singh Ministries – Power of Love Association is an organisation birthed by the power and glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The hallmark of the ministry is that it is a ground where the book of Acts comes to life through a beautiful amalgamation of victorious Bible teachings and a magnificent display of God’s glory through awesome signs, wonders and miracles!

Our Ministry is a declaration of how God fulfills a promise given to His faithful servant. In August 1996 while praying for her then unsaved husband, Paramjit Singh, Moni was given a revelation of the ministry that God would begin through her husband and her. The Holy Spirit pressed on her heart not to push her husband but to pray for him and that one day “he would be a leader of nations”. April 4, 1998, was the chosen day when God in a powerful supernatural encounter blew the mighty wind of His Holy Spirit in Paramjit Singh. Jesus revealed the truth to him that He was the only Son of God. This glorious milestone in Pastor, Paramjit Singh’s life transformed him instantaneously, revealing to him the eternal truth of the Bible and empowering him with the gifts of the five-fold ministry of God. In a flash, the Spirit transformed an ordinary human being into a supernaturally powerful and Anointed Servant of God.

God has used him to Heal lakhs of people from innumerable life-threatening diseases. The miracle God birthed in Paramjit Singh that day continues to flow through an outpouring of a glorious Anointing. As he speaks the Word of God, worships, and lays hands on the sick, the blind see, the deaf hear and tumours disappear in Jesus’ name. Paramjit Singh is the Senior Shepherd of God’s living temple, ‘Power of Love Association’, a place of salvation, healing, and refuge for all people, irrespective of religion, caste, colour, or social status.

Power of Love Association was legally established by His Grace in May 2001. The Ministry began its work at Paramjit’s and Moni’s suburban Mumbai residence, where small prayer groups gathered to pray and worship. At that time, the young couple had no idea of what the Holy Spirit had in store for them.

Very soon the supernatural healings and miracles transformed the 450-square feet apartment into a powerful Lighthouse to which multitudes thronged to receive their physical and spiritual healing. Barely a month from the beginning, the Ministry had to rent a hall to accommodate the crowds that kept getting larger.

The Word of God in which Pastor Paramjit speaks, led by the Spirit of God, is in a manner that he can communicate with Kings and Paupers alike. God has given him the gift to connect with people worldwide.

Today, thousands attend the Ministry’s Sunday Worship and Friday Healing services in Mumbai and other centers around the country. As God has promised his faithful servants :

Dynamic and power-filled lectures from the Word of God have healed and transformed many. Pastor Paramjit has helped people develop a live and personal relationship with God through fellowship with the Holy Spirit. (visit our ‘Services’ page for details on our weekly programmes)

“Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession.” – Psalm 2 : 8

People flock for personal prayers and counseling at the office throughout the week, meeting with Pastor Paramjit and Pastor Moni. In addition to Mumbai, Power of Love Association has branches in other parts of India, where people have been blessed by Crusades, Meetings, Signs, Wonders and Miracles in their life. The Word of God is taught in a totally unconventional and unreligious way empowered by The Holy Spirit. Our teachings are broadcast Globally via different channels and highly popular YouTube.

The ministry has grown in leaps and bounds in harmony with Pastor Parmajit’s vision from the book of Isaiah 11: 9, which declares, “For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”

Pastor Paramjit’s vision is shaped by what the scriptures say in – Isaiah 11: 9 – “For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”

Following his vision Pastor Paramjit has held innumerable crusades since the birth of the ministry spanning the length and breadth of our nation. There have been countless recorded miracles of life-threatening diseases being healed. Every crusade has had amazing visible miracles of healing where tumours have disappeared, even creative miracles of new eyes being formed! Thousands upon thousands have obtained salvation. The Lord has been faithful in gradually increasing the number of people in the crusades. At last count, the crusades held in Punjab in September 2013, had over three lakh people in attendance!

Other than the nation-wide monthly crusades and weekly meetings in Mumbai, Pastor Paramjit and Pastor Moni have developed a beautiful relationship between Shepherd and Sheep among the entire congregation. The ministry office is flocked with people for personal prayers and counseling. At all times it is an effervescent hub of the ministry’s youth having a joyful time in worship, fun, and games. The ministry undertakes various outreaches to transform and heal lives. The underprivileged in the church are provided monthly rations and education for the children. There are weekly trips of feeding and clothing the people living on the slums and streets whilst giving them the life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ. Tribal villages, Orphanages, and Homes for the aged are various other institutions where people are regularly blessed by the ministry.

Pastor Paramjit is assisted by Pastor Moni Singh, his wife in building God’s kingdom. Pastor Paramjit and Moni have two children Angad Singh Sidhu and Abisha Singh Sidhu. They are blessed by God to share a deep love and supernatural like-mindedness, which in turn is imparted onto the congregation.

Pastor Moni, a woman of unflinching faith and an indomitable spirit, is completely devoted to God and the Ministry. She was the vessel chosen by God for the Holy Spirit to reveal his plans for the Ministry and her husband, Paramjit, way back in August 1996. Her dedication and dynamism have been vital to the growth of ‘Power of Love’ in every way. She is a very Anointed and powerful Bible teacher, with a cutting-edge Prophetic Spirit, and vision. She is also a committed and compassionate Shepherd and is the true Backbone of the Ministry.

Now may the God of patience and comfort grant you to be like minded one towards another according to Christ Jesus. That they may with one mind and one mouth glorify God.” – Romans 15 : 5-6